How it works

Only freeware software is used, mainly R, Python and Weka.

Long term or short term, complete research or just to overcome a drawback (hourly rate).

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Catalan.

Ready to get paid upon (improved) results: starting from an existing baseline, to get paid on better model fits or new significances.

MBA degree that helps translate implementation back into business language.
Like the conductor of an orchestra who also knows how to build and play the instruments (compared to a conductor who does not know how to play any instrument).

Ready for SSD (Summary Statistics Data) inputs (without datasets):

Some linear models can be obtained with just SSD (number of cases, means, standard deviation, correlations). It includes linear regressions, mediations, structural equation models, partial least squares.

Same results as using the original datasets. No simulated data.

Data enrichment (data cleansing and beyond) should be considered necessary and it is usually more time consuming than expected. This is not a minor issue. For instance, overlapping events needs assigning the correct cumulated days for each one: 1. spontaneous super only-today offers within weekly or monthly offers, 2. medical prescription will be disturbed if conditions become infeasible (Ex. no physiotherapy if circumstances worsen).